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How to reach Krumplehorn Lodge
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Driving Directions:

If crossing the Border from Houlton Maine into Woodstock New Brunswick, take the Trans Canadian Highway east on route #2 to Fredericton, then take Route #101 to Fredericton Junction. Make a left turn at the Irving Gas Station on to Wilsey Road and continue on to #111.

If crossing from Calais Maine Border to St. Stephen New Brinswick, take Route #1 East to Saint John, than take route #7 west to Welsford and take a left turn on to route #101 leading to Fredericton Junction. Make a right turen at the Irving gas station on to Wilsey Road and continue on to #111.

Contact Information
Markle Brawn (Proprietor)
111 Wilsey Road
Fredericton Junction, NB, Canada
E5L 1W6
Tel: (506) 368-2228
Cell:(506) 442-2895
E-Mail: mlbrawn1@rogers.com

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Customer Comments...

June 11, 2012

Subject: My experience at your lodge

Markle, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time! I posted this on my facebook wall and wanted to share it with you....

In recovery mode from our Black Bear Hunt. So, I figured I would document my trip for myself and anyone that wants to know how I felt taking my first Black Bear! I had an awesome time last week at Krumplehorn Lodge in New Brunswick Canada. Pat, Ray and I arrived on Sunday for our hunt. We met up with Frank and his 2 friends at the camp. The lodge was very clean and had plenty of room for the 6 of us.

The owner of the camp was Markle Brawn. His guides were, his son, David Brawn, and his long time friend, Keenan, a Canadian Mountie. We felt at home the moment we got there. I can always get a good read on someones personality when I meet them. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good week! We got settled in, unpacked, and ate shortly after. This was the first and only night we went to bed early.

On Monday, we ate a big breakfast, and talked about the hunting we would do this week. How the stands were set up and where to aim on the bear. We made sure our weapons were sighted in. I shot first before anyone else came out, because I get nervous with others watching me. Everyones guns were on. They packed us lunches for our stands and we waited in anticipation until it was time to hunt.

We went to our stands on Monday at 3pm to start our hunting. I sat in my stand for about an hour and a half. I was shocked to see a beautiful black bear come from my right at 65 yards. She walked as if she was the queen of the place. Once I saw her I knew she wasn't a cub, so I raised my 30-06. I was shaking a bit from the adrenalin. She headed straight toward the bait bucket. She stopped and ate a marshmallow that David threw on the ground for me (Pat told me to try marshmallows). I knew she looked like a good size bear because she was much taller than the bucket that was 10 feet away from her. so I shot my 30-06. She spun around as the bullet hit her and ran about 10 yards and dropped. I was so excited. All I could say was "Thank you God!" I couldn't believe I hit her and actually killed her! I thought that I would have choked and missed! haha! I called David and told him that he had to pick me up because there was a problem... Then, I said, "I shot a bear!" He told me to stay in the stand until they got there. It seemed like forever standing in the treestand waiting for him to come and get me. It must have been a whole 15 minutes, but it seemed like hours. Seeing this beautiful bear lay on the ground and not being able to run over and just touch it was driving me mad! When they got there I hurried down the stand and headed over to them. I fumbled with my video camera, recording everything I could, as we approached the bear. Wow, I was really impressed of her size and beauty. She was 150 pounds and had a beautiful coat. Her lip was torn from fighting, but she was beautiful! We took alot of pictures of her and then took her back to camp.

Frank shot his bear a few hours after me. I think, Pat and Ray shot their bears on Tuesday. My mind blocked everything else out since it was filled with my bear tale!

For the rest of the week I hung with David, taking people to bait sites and picking them up. He was a great guy to hang around. I learned alot from him about black bears and Canada! He also took us fishing and 4-wheeling! Thanks David!

During the week we got to meet Markle's other son Peter Brawn. This guy knows more about American Politics than most Americans! I did have to ask him why no Canadian team was in the Stanley Cup! GO CAPS! Such a pleasure to meet his guy.

We met Markle's daughter and his dad as well. His entire family was enjoyable to talk to.

Markle has a good thing going with this hunting camp. He has a wonderful personality and is great to talk to. He knows his stuff. The hospitality of Markle Brawn, Keenan, David Brawn, and Peter Brawn was phenomenal! Their attitudes were top notch! The cooking was great! If you left a meal hungry, something was wrong with you. I would highly recommend their hunting camp to anyone that wants to hunt a black bear.

a href="mailto:henn5849@comcast.net">henn5849@comcast.net

February 16, 2010

Subject: Reference and Bear Hunting

Markle, Life has been somewhat hectic this last 10 days because of all the snow we have had and I apologize for not getting this done sooner. I was out shoveling snow alone for over a week every day for 3-5 hours and it really wore me out. Without the help of a great neighbor who used his backhoe to plow our street and cul-de-sac we would have been snowed in for a very long time. Our public services concentrate on the main roads and at times never get to our streets. This is the most snow we have had in my whole lifetime in Delaware. A lot of winters we may get 6 inches total or less and we have already had over 65 inches with more winter to go.

Reference: In the fall of October 2007 I enjoyed one of the most exciting and pleasurable outdoor experiences of my life bear hunting with outfitter Markle Brawn at Krumplehorn Lodge. Everything was outstanding! The food was excellent and all our needs were well taken care of. I harvested a nice bear and came home not only with a beautiful mount for my wall, but, also, meat that was delicious. In addition to all of this the most important part of my trip for me was the fellowship with Markle and his whole family who made me feel so welcome and comfortable and the ongoing relationship we have had. I am definitely planning to return as soon as possible to hunt with him again in New Brunswick and hope to come home with a nice big black bear rug!

Markle, I hope this is helpful to you and I am sorry for the delay. Please feel free to edit this reference in any way you need to. I will call on the phone probably tomorrow night to talk about bear hunting. I really would like to come up this spring and wanted to have my family come. I am just not sure how that's going to work out now.

Please say hello to your family for me and I will call soon.

Blessings, Mike Whalen
Michael W. Whalen Phone 1-302-378-4974

February 15, 2010

Markle Brawn,
Krumplehorn Lodge
111 Wilsey Road
Fredericton Junction, N.B.

Dear Markle:

      Krumplehorn Lodge is the best black bear hunting experience I have ever had. I was about to give up trying for bear after three unsuccessful and completely barren hunts in Maine in a row. But my friend talked me into booking with you and trying just one more time. What a delight!

Your treatment of my group was exemplary, from the comfortable rustic lodge with ample, uncrowded bedding space through the total attention to each individualís needs to the diligent effort your team went to in constant baiting and rebaiting of the stands. You were on top of each stand, moving us from an unproductive area to a more productive area as the need arose.

Your consideration with my restricted ability to climb resulted in placing me in a ground blind, where I bagged my fine bear on our first day! Since then my condition has deteriorated to where I can never hunt again.

Thank you for a wonderful last hunt of my life!


Charles A. Pistole
1385 Davenport Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34655

February 15, 2010

Markle Brawn, Outfitter
Krumplehorn Lodge
111 Wilsey Road
Fredericton Junction,
New Brunswick, CANADA E5L 1W6

Dear Markle:

        I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I and my friends enjoyed our experience at Krumplehorn Lodge 3 years ago. You and your staff treated us royally and tended to our every need. It felt more like you all were extended family rather than hired guides.

Your beautiful wilderness location and clean, crisp air stoked our appetites. Your camp cooking was even better than home cooking; with the standouts being the moose steaks served our second night in camp, and the huge trays of homemade lasagna that your wife brought out the 17 km from town for two of the evening meals! And the coffee made with your pure, cold spring water was the best Iíve ever had.

The thoughtful and careful individual attention paid to each of our party, combined with our groupís success ratio, brought me back last year to revisit your wonderful lodge and hospitality once again, which rewarded me with my own first black bear, as well as a very successful spruce grouse hunt.

But Ė your woodcock are so difficult, I must return again! Thanks for everything.


Frank E. Gillen
9 Stearrett Dr.
Newark, DE 19702

Mr. Terry McCarthy
1465 Steele Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808 USA

November 15, 2005

Mr. Markle Brawn
Krumplehorn Lodge
111 Wilsey Rd.
Fredericton Junction
New Brunswick, Canada E5L 1W6

Dear Markle:

Thank you again for such a memorable hunting experience. My clients thoroughly enjoyed themselves, both in the fields and in the camp. The food was superb; especially the salmon and roast dinners. New Brunswick is certainly one of the premier woodcock and grouse habitats in North America.

I look forward to next fall when we can return and enjoy upland bird hunting at its best. Who knows you may even convince me to go after one of your trophy Bear, Deer or Moose.

Best regards
Terry McCarthy
Water Management Technologies, Inc.

Markle Brawn (Proprietor)
111 Wilsey Road
Fredericton Junction, NB, Canada
E5L 1W6
Tel: (506) 442-2895
Cell:(506) 442-2895
E-Mail: mlbrawn1@rogers.com

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